The 1st Silverpoint Series
of D. Lammie-Hanson

Created  at the Mas Igols Els

Barcelona Spain

Shadows and light create the mood of my new series, "Barna Black". This series was inspired by an artist residency I attended in Barcelona, Spain in Winter -Spring 2017. I made two discoveries. A technique commonly used by Da Vinci and most Italian Renaissance artists, metalpoint. And the other discovery, was a source of inspiration,   'La Moreneta' also known as the "Black Madonna of Montserrat". Watching the light reflect on the dark surface of the Black Madonna's skin helped form my conceptual portrayal of skin color into an evolution of refracting surfaces of 14K, 18K, 24K gold, platinum, silver, copper and brass and then making the skin "shine" outward like jewels.  


This unforgiving technique of metalpoint and its refinery gave me confidence to celebrate my dark skin subjects as prized and celebrated individuals. I am hoping that when persons of color view the Barna Black artwork that they will see beautiful likeness and the wonder of positive self worth. This series of drawings are really about emulating the soul or the spirit of my subject from inside out. 

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