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The "Beauty Beyond the Brown Paper Bag Tests" series is based on the reversal of what is considered acceptable beauty in the community. Somewhere in the American societal psyche, the lighter a person was the lesser hardship and more accepted as they are.


This theory is based on generations of European and Christian social mores being imposed, accepted and assimilated into the American culture with the Black community on the opposite end of the spectrum of the White community. It's just a fact. But these standards have disenfranchised the Black community because it caused a divide and conquer mentality within the community. In my opinion, in my youth sad to say, I have been both a participant and a victim to this colorist role playing without realizing the effects of my actions as a partcipant or reasons behind another persons actions towards me. As I get older, I am seeing so clearly why people do what they do and the affects of colorism leads to racism leads to social discourse in any culture. they both are constructs of oppression. Let's open a dialogue about the insecurity of colorism within our community and why we all matter and why we are all beautiful in whatever skin tone we are blessed to be born in.

The series includes individual paintings on smaller bags like the wine bottle brown bags. The larger brown bags like shopping bags (i.e. Whole Foods /Rouses) will be dissected, weaved, primed and transformed into tapestry-style paintings. These larger paintings can consist of 100 to over 150 Brown Paper Bags each.

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