A Silverpoint Soulful Experience

"Dared To Be… a Silverpoint Soulful Experience" is a series of conceptual contemporary portraiture in silverpoint of people of color as their authentic selves. 


"Dared to Be... ", is about creating positive portrait images of people of color for people of color with the 500+ year old technique of silverpoint. It is a marriage of the aesthetics of the  Renaissance meets contemporary visions of Afro-Futurism. The old masters like da Vinci, Durer, Raphael and medieval scribes used the technique for sketching and to create manuscripts. I use the precious metal, silver, as my primary medium for all content against a prepared matte black background in each piece. Each piece is hand-drawn with a silver wire against this background. My intention is to show the unique beauty of the dark skin that we are born in. The darker the skin the more resiliently beautiful our flesh shines. The artwork in this project is created and displayed with reflected light. This means our presence in reflected positively and the artwork captures light from the environment it is in.


The subjects become alive in a white wall environment with an almost holographic presence as they respond to the viewer’s presence and movement.


The title, "Dared to Be..." is the prefix title to each piece of this series. Each subject has a personal story that they have triumphed through or something that makes them unique and inspiring in character.

A Celebration of 25 years of Essence Festival

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