Dared To Be...

A Silverpoint Soulful


Imagine the images of the movers, shakers and performers of the amazing Essence Festival  portrayed in a way that no one has ever seen before. Images of contemporary portraits created and celebrated in precious metal, Silverpoint.

“Dared To Be...” is a series of artwork created by the visual artist, D. Lammie-Hanson.  This series features exquisitely and meticulously drawn portraits rendered exclusively from pure silver wire. 

This series in celebration with the Essence Festival’s 25th Anniversary in New Orleans in 2019. 

The 25th Anniversary is often celebrated with Silver. Why not celebrate with an art show with artwork done exclusively and exquisitely rendered in Silverpoint.


Silverpoint is a medieval technique that was used by Leonardo Da Vinci and his contemporaries as well as scribes during the Renaissance and Gothic periods in Europe.

Through studying DaVinci’s technique, Lammie-Hanson developed her own contemporary style of metalpoint which is now featured in her new portrait series, "Barna Black"The application of this technique results in a visual experience that is prismatic, illuminating and inspirational.

“Dared to Be” is the next level of Silverpoint strictly dedicated to exploring the beauty of people of color in precious metals drawings for people of color.


Dared To Be Evolved, Erykah B_
35.5 in W x 60 in H
Silverpoint (Silver metal) on Canvas Fragments
Dared To Be Fenty Headstrong
24.5 in x 32 in
Silverpoint on Wood

available for purchase via Where Y'Art Link
Dared to be Queen of Rapture
18 in x 24 in
Silverpoint on Wood

Available for purchase Through Where Y' Art link
Dared To Be Diva Supreme
36 in W x 36 in H
Silverpoint on Wood

Available through the Where Y'Art link
Dared To Be... Jack of Diamonds
18 in W x 35 in H
Silverpoint on Wood/Canvas
Available Through Where Y'Art link
Dared To Be The Purveyor of Soul Music
Al Green
18" x 24"
Silverpoint on Wood
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©D.Lammie Hanson 2017-2018

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