Celebrating Black Skin

 My Personal Project

My artistic intention is dedicated to the deconstruction of the constructs that are attached to the perception of Black skin. In my case, I am obtaining this effect by beautifying the depth of Black skin in silverpoint which in my case are large drawings in the precious metal, silver. This new series is called “SHINY BLACK PEOPLE”.  I utilize the silverpoint technique from the 15th-century and apply it to contemporary Afro-futuristic portraiture of the average person of color. 


Unlike my recent silverpoint series, “Dared To Be…” where I focused on transforming the Black celebrity into an average relatable human being, this series is a contemplative approach to how we see skin color and that there is always a positive perspective to skin color interpretations. I believe that we are all light and soulful individuals. The silver reflects light from light which means we respond to light positively from the light of another person.


“Tackling skin-color hatred with skin-color love is my objective. Within the communities of color, dark skin is not considered attractive. Upon first glance, shiny Black skin is perceived as greasy, oily, sweaty and unclean. After almost 300 years in the belief of this construct in the US, my goal is to rewrite this perception by utilizing a precious metal wire drawing technique from 500 years ago to build up the shine of their skin to be positive and illuminating. I love creating this work.  


The work that I have created in this medium and series boils down to how do we see ourselves and each other, Black skin or not.

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